webmaster commentary

  • site hosted through neocities, bless the free net, you can follow my profile here
  • I use brackets.io for code work and the ease of use of the live view function, mwah
  • 3dgifmaker.com to make my fun little doodles into rotating gifs for various navbar/page purposes! for my own reference: 360 spin, loop number infinite, size 200px, speed 10 fps, total frames 20! i really recommend it due to its transparent capability and ease of use. :)
  • my drawn images/gifs/background are created in procreate, as is most of my digital art.

extra credits

  • base theme provided by sadgrl.online via her template maker, but has been or will be reworked over time... we come from humble beginnings and grow.
  • body font is Inconsolata created by Raph Levien
  • header font is Pixel Newspaper III from the NB Pixel Font Bundle 2, and I highly recommend looking at Bundle 1 as well if you're interested!
  • charles stover's rainbow tool helped me make my rainbow text choices for the space log
  • some images featured in my blog/hyperfixation posts will not be my own, and typically will contain a figure caption of who it belongs to for reference within the singular post itself - I am very against theft of images as an artist myself who desires due credit.