space log

a mixture of a blog and artistic expression. may contain shrines, logs, opinions, and a misscellany of thoughts.

space log size types because they vary wildly
  • UNIVERSE: posts that have also been made into videos, thus universe jumping to another platform
  • BLACK HOLE: huge post, huge, borderline ready to become a universe, over 10k words
  • DARK CLOUD: sporadic post of varying length containing multiple topics at once (monthly catch ups, media round ups, etc)
  • SYSTEM: nearing/below 10k words
  • STAR: over 5k words
  • PLANET: over 1k words
  • MOON: over 500 words
  • ASTEROID: small, itty bitty post just to share something interesting I’ve been pondering


By default the table is in the order of log posting, with the newest up top. Click the headers to sort the table. I'm experimenting with ways to have this page be a hub for all my log posts while still being navigatable to different specific niches as you desire! Click the log type at the beginning to read. If the log has no color, it has not been posted yet.

Title Size Date
hobby log: how I journal black hole soon!
media log: emi larraud system soon!
decibel log: destination: doctorate #001 star 11/17?
💼️️ personal log: what I do for work now moon 11/13
💬 personal log: why I've been hesitant planet 10/30