✸ sitemap ✸

still under development, the site is very much under construction!

✸ color guide ✸

the red is #f83230, the yellow is #f6ac02, the dark purple is #7b3888, the purple is #c693cf, the light purple is #f4e8fe and for the backgrounds I have chosen a deep purple #240929 and a light gray #f0f0f0 or #f5f5f5. of course individual shrine pages are subject to individual css styling.

✸ site updates ✸

  • 2023_nov_16: figured out how to route my domain to the neocities address and working on making sub-hubs for my space log types. themed around "audio, video, disco" on accident but my latin-admiring heart likes it.
  • 2023_nov_13: new space log posted.
  • 2023_nov_09: finally settled on a light theme that I like, still fiddling with the dark theme. I like purple, not purple-pink, you know? god bless https://imagecolorpicker.com for existing and allowing me to check color contrast for readability because I do prioritize that.
  • 2023_nov_03: slowly dissipating the nav bar in favor of a tree-like structure where, hey, if you get lost? just go "home" and chart the course again. want this website to feel more like a tree than a weird ladder. my brain does not work linearly, so neither will my website lol.
  • 2023_nov_01: body font changed from PixelOperator to Inconsolata for legibility purposes, updates moved to sitemap for ease. added a very rough light-mode option that changes based on browser preference, thanks to examining solflo's website code. learning best by a little bit of friendly theft. debating sniping my navbar and replacing it with an overall "index" instead with visual elements, so pages feel a bit more like they standalone.
  • 2023_oct_31: figuring out a layout for the space log page that makes it easier to navigate.
  • 2023_oct_30: uploaded my first space log! debating a site overhaul to select a better color scheme and implement a dark and light mode for readability.
  • 2023_may_01: updated the about page, added the Pixel Newspaper III font for headers, and developed the space log and sitemap.
  • 2023_apr_30: created a rough outline for the navbar and working on spinning gifs, messing with CSS formatting to make appearance more unique.
  • 2023_apr_18: website birth, utilizing sadgrl's layout base.

to do:

  • create custom art for each navbar element
  • create custom repeating background for formatting
  • work on formatting art, space log, and other pages
  • change default colors from the sadgrl css to something more me